Goodbye to Baby Godzilla

Rohanon in typical sitting post with Chalar in background Our household has been still for a week now. I imagine its the same stillness and quiet after Godzilla leaves.

The city of course is never the same. At least until the next film when it is miraculously rebuilt. But when you watch Godzilla movies you’re not focused on the city. Godzilla’s personality is simply to big to allow anything else on the screen. And don’t give me the digital Godzilla, that phony coopted film with Mathew Broderick, I want the real thing because sometimes there is no greater joy than watching a man in a rubber suit knock down buildings.



Coffeecast.fm and the Emerald City

Blame it on Seattle. The coffee is simply too good here. Constant access to amazing coffee has spoiled my once simple love for a good roast. I’ve become a coffee snob. I get to talk shop this week with two cohorts who share the coffee bug, Scott Jangro and Todd Crawford who have a great little podcast at CoffeeCast.fm. Listen in to hear three regular joes geek out to over coffee here.


Breakable You and The Bridge

On the surface these two books have nothing in common. One is about a family in Manhattan with close ties to the publishing industry. The other is a magical realism story about a man living on an endless bridge and the timelines that intersect through him. I guess that’s the key, timelines.

Rarely do I read a novel straight through. Often I will lay down a book for several months before finishing it. This was the case with Ian Banks’ The Bridge. I had set it down not because of lack of interest but because it got misplaced in the shuffle…


Business Relationships

Business Relationships

Through my consulting company Custom Tailored Marketing I am the OPM (Outsourced Program Manager) for the following:

Rhapsody Point 3 Basketball RedMoon Custom Pet Food MedicalRecords.com

I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Revenews.com and Revenews.org


Jones Soda Lightning


They say the lightning never strikes twice. Sometimes they’re wrong. On January 29th, 2009 I was fortunate enough to win my second Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year  from Affiliate Summit.

The first time I won the award was as the affiliate manager for Onlineshoes.com. It was essentially my rookie year, thankfully I had a lot of guidance from the community at ABestWeb. The program I had taken over received a lot of focus for the massive cleanup underwent initially to parasites from a channel that had been on autopilot for the four years prior. After the cleanup we…

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