Friends, Family and Strays


Goodbye to Baby Godzilla

Rohanon in typical sitting post with Chalar in background
Our household has been still for a week now. I imagine its the same stillness and quiet after Godzilla leaves.

The city of course is never the same. At least until the next film when it is miraculously rebuilt. But …


Dressing Room

I have spent hours watching those I love attempt the word goodbye in various dress.

Dress it up in a cold place with pews not designed for reverence, where the staccato of the receptionist’s high heels against tile taps out …


Boom City

These are the only moments that have felt real in the last 72 hours. I spent the weekend in between three semi-trailers at the back of a fireworks wholesale stand. During the day these trailers provide the only spot of …

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