Goodbye to Baby Godzilla

Rohanon in typical sitting post with Chalar in background
Our household has been still for a week now. I imagine its the same stillness and quiet after Godzilla leaves.

The city of course is never the same. At least until the next film when it is miraculously rebuilt. But when you watch Godzilla movies you’re not focused on the city. Godzilla’s personality is simply to big to allow anything else on the screen. And don’t give me the digital Godzilla, that phony coopted film with Mathew Broderick, I want the real thing because sometimes there is no greater joy than watching a man in a rubber suit knock down buildings.

Because it’s Godzilla’s Tokyo.

In many ways it was Rohannon’s house. Although the runt of the litter her personality was that big. She came with her own sound effects. When she roared it sounded like Godzilla. It’s how the nickname of “Baby Godzilla” came about and it was the first greeting all visitors received. She was letting you know you were walking into her house.

Rohanon laying on Jenn She was the matriarch of her domain. Organizing all the other cats, including her two brothers Cha’lar and Midi, into their places. The living room was arranged by where she wanted to sit that day. And if that spot happened to be your chest (she had a certain fondness for large boobs) well then you were part of that arrangement. Rohannon would grumble, fuss and roar until her seat was properly arranged.

And more than the days of actor’s in rubber suits I will miss her something fierce.

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