Saisons Bigoted Actions Ruin Afternoon in Poulsbo

Update 8/18/2012: The owners of Saisons Boutique have apologized for the situation. Please read further here.

It was a perfect afternoon for a walk. We picked Poulsbo because it’s waterfront has the perfect pedestrian walkway. Not too long, not too crowded, with a easy path alongside Liberty bay. Lots of artisans and good food in the area make for a pleasant wind down after a walk. Plus it’s safe. An area we can feel comfortable in and welcomed. Or so we thought.

After finishing our walk, Symphony and I planned to meet Jenn out front of one of downtown Poulsbo’s many shops. We spotted Jenn standing near the main crosswalk in front of Liberty Bay Books and Saisons Boutique. With purple hair she is easy to spot. Apparently her hair color makes her easy to blame as well.

Saisons Boutique J’Accuse

But we didn’t realize anything was wrong until 15 minutes later when Jenn was being pulled out of a Maple Grove Cottage store by two Poulsbo Sheriff’s officers. The issue? The manager had accused her of shoplifting a handbag.

Now it would be laughable if it wasn’t such an infuriatingly small minded action. Let me paint you a picture why.

Jenn had been inside Saisons. She had finished her work the local organic farm and had happened to stop in Saisons first to kill time. She had no other bag on her. And was in tight, if grubby, farmers clothes which consisted of jeans and a blouse. She had nowhere to “stash” a handbag on her. And after leaving Saisons she stood at the crosswalk waiting for Symphony and I to show up for 5 minutes.

Now it is true that when the Poulsbo Sheriff’s officers questioned her, Jenn was carrying a large plastic bag. Which she had picked up after a purchase from Bad Blanche Collection. She cooperatively showed the contents to the officers. It contained one green sunhat, one faux-leather Indian Jones style hat, one science fiction book I had picked up from the Poulsbo Bookstop when I went in to see how the owner Soon was doing since she had recently fallen seriously ill. That’s it. Saisons’ allegedly missing handbag was not mysteriously there.

What’s truly frustrating is that the Saisons’ manager must have determined something was missing from the store. Remembered Jenn who had been standing outside her store and certainly didn’t look like one of her customers. Farmer grubs and purple hair don’t scream high-end browser. And figured her for a thief based solely on her looks.

She then must have called the Sheriff and tracked our progress through various stores across the street (Saisons is located dead in the middle of this shopping area) because when the officers arrived she led them directly to where Jenn was shopping.

Saisons Meet the Wrongfully Accused

I want Saisons to know a little about the person they wrongfully accused on a whim. Jenn studied forensic anthropology (which included extensive law enforcement studies) and is now an all organic farmer. She volunteers weekly at Pony Up Horse Rescue
(Photo above: she can be seen being frisked by her favorite horse Winston…yep, still no handbag).

The farm she works at supplies produce to many local stores including the Mor Mor restaurant and Central Market. The workers there and the folks at the Poulsbo Market know how smart, friendly, and charming she is because they bothered to talk to her. When she walked into your store you didn’t even bother to great her. But you did bother to accuse her. Your loss.

See, we spent nearly $200 that day. Just not at your store. Along with the hats, and the book, we had also picked up a set of large test tubes and an antique box since my wife is a science geek and just couldn’t resist adding to the collection of odds and ends in our library. We frequent the downtown Poulsbo shops stopping at Liberty Bay Books, Bookstop, Mor Mor, Sluy’s Bakery, Burrata Bistro Paella Bar, Mora’s Ice Cream, and the Poulsbohemian coffee shop, as well as the half a dozen antique stores in the area.

But because the manager of Saisons didn’t recognize Jenn and she looked out of place from all the standard issue ladies that come to browse it was easy to brand her a suspect. And publicly humiliate her mind you on a busy Thursday afternoon. Saisons not only lost merchandise that day, wrongfully accused a stranger, and let the real shoplifter go. Guess what? The shoplifter probably looked like clientele. By acting like bigots you lost a future customer.

Congratulations to Saisons Boutique, Poulsbo’s “go-to place” for bigotry. Stay classy.

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