Saisons’ Owner Makes Good

Mistakes happen. Some have the unfortunate effect of negatively coloring our perception of an event, place, or business. The fact that Saisons, a boutique store in Poulsbo, made such a mistake is ultimately less important than the fact they took the time to fix it.

Erin Whitson, Owner of Saisons Boutique, reached out to Jenn via my review on Yelp. Emails were exchanged attempting to both explain the matter and apologize for the situation. The long and short of it is that in the end both Erin and the employee involved in the incident apologized. They did so via email and in person. Taking the time to meet Jenn in person at Cups Espresso in Poulsbo.

In an attempt to make amends they provided Jenn with a shirt from the store and made a $100 donation to Pony Up Rescue. Erin also promised to use the incident in training with all of her employees.


The point of the earlier post was to draw attention to an incident. Such situations shouldn’t be brushed aside. It was also to give the owner a chance to make things right. They have done so. Thank you to Erin Whitson and Saisons for making the effort.

At the very least some good did come of it: the rescued horses at Pony Up appreciate the donation as well.

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