Taking Michael Jackson’s Head

Up on 205th there is this Catholic cemetery. At one end where its wall meet an intersection to one of those fancy condo communities, someone painted a mural. The mural is of a bunch of kids sitting, each representing a racial archetype and all happily holding flowers.

I am not sure it was intentional, but one of the kids just happened to look exactly like Michael Jackson…and I don’t mean kind of, or sort of, but such an exact caricature of a post multiple operation Michael that often the passengers in my car as I would drive by this masterpiece would comment on it. “Why do they have a mural of Michael Jackson sitting with a bunch of kids?” usually followed by “That’s kinds of creepy.”

As proof that bad press can affect a lot of things, word must have reached who ever is in charge of  the Cheesy But Happy Murals for Public Benefit for the city. Because Michael’s head has been replaced with someone’s idea of a less offending face. How good of them to care…

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