Thank Goodness for Comfort Food

I am eating homemade fried chicken for breakfast. I don’t recommend this as a habit, but indulgence is a wonderful thing. Often in the quest for that ever more amazing dish I forget there is more to food than eating at places with sommeliers. Not implying a good pairing of wine doesn’t do wonders for food, it’s just that sometimes the comfort food provides is worth more than fancy dress.

Last weekend I found myself on a comfort food quest. Three local greasy spoons in three days. A craving for pie spurred this. Chocolate pie.

You see I am one of those weird people who like fruit and like pie but do not like fruit pie. Pies made from secret recipes by people’s grandmothers being the exception to that rule. But from most diners what I am searching for is chocolate pie.

When you are seeking comfort, convenience is important. You don’t want to go out of your way to be comfortable. Driving through the small towns around Hood Canal is very relaxing. The scenery is gorgeous, the towns quaint, and there is no traffic to speak of. So why not stop at a diner or three?

Even if you haven’t been to these particular locations, if you’ve ate at any small town you’ve been to these diners. All have a few factors in common: the walls are held up by kitsch, the paint is old, the staff is friendly but not interested in serving your every whim, and there is always a smattering of local folk who know the staff by name.

The menu features burgers, fries, chicken strips, and cheese-stuffed hotdogs wrapped in bacon. No, these are not organic dishes. It’s the kind of food Anthony Bourdain would say “died screaming”. And unless you are certifiable don’t under any circumstance order the “vegetarian burger” even if they should happen to have one. If you must, get a salad instead. Also be sure to look for that rare treat the SLT, as in spam with lettuce and tomato. It’s a sure sign you’ve come to the right place.

Pictures rarely help this type of food. That’s because it doesn’t belong on a magazine cover. It belongs in your tummy.

The main event for me, of course, is the pie. I tried three chocolate pies last weekend. And no, I don’t recommend this as a habit. They varied in consistency from pudding to spackle. Now if you live in Seattle, Portland or anywhere outside of a ten mile radius of Hood Canal I wouldn’t urge you to drive to these spots. halfway_house_brinnonTwo of the three pies were nothing to write home about. And yes, forcing myself to eat chocolate pies was a hardship.

However, if you happen to be driving through a little town called Brinnon on the Western side of Hood Canal and you happen to be craving chocolate pie there is a joint with the dubious name of the Halfway House. The pie is worth stopping for, and according to Jenn so is the berry cobbler when the fruit is in season. And like my wife’s fried chicken, it provides the type goodness only comfort food can.

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    purposeinc Says:

    It is quality content like this comfort food article that keeps me coming back to the internet!

    I am not sure what year this post was written, but if it is this year, you are wayyyy ahead of me being in November already.

    That was the feeling I got on Sunday, that you are wayyyyyy ahead of me. I can not thank you enough for taking the time to go over all of that stuff.

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    Angel Djambazov Says:

    Hi DK,

    Nope I haven’t figured out wormholes yet or even short time skips. If I did I might hand it over to someone like Michio Kaku or Ray Bradbury who might make better use of it.

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment. Really made my day. It also serves as a good reminder to me that there are other projects that are important to me that are not part of the every day business hustle. It’s important for me not to neglect those as well.

    Truly enjoyed brainstorming with you. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.


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