Saisons’ Owner Makes Good

Mistakes happen. Some have the unfortunate effect of negatively coloring our perception of an event, place, or business. The fact that Saisons, a boutique store in Poulsbo, made such a mistake is ultimately less important than the fact they took the time to fix it.

Erin Whitson, Owner of Saisons Boutique, reached out to Jenn via my review on Yelp. Emails were exchanged attempting to both explain the matter and apologize for the situation. The long and short of it is that in the end both Erin and the employee involved in the incident apologized. They did so via email and in…


A Singularity Grows in Brooklyn

We are a household of bibliophiles. Downstairs MGX has curated a small but ever growing library of books. It takes up two rooms and contains around 15,000 books. They range far and wide in topic but MGX’s prize area is her Isaac Asimov collection. It takes up eight shelves.

And we have come to know the scientific law of books. You could say we’ve seen it in action. In mass they create singularities. I don’t know who first pointed that out but I credit Terry Pratchett who reportedly said:

A good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to…

Saisons Bigoted Actions Ruin Afternoon in Poulsbo

Update 8/18/2012: The owners of Saisons Boutique have apologized for the situation. Please read further here.

It was a perfect afternoon for a walk. We picked Poulsbo because it’s waterfront has the perfect pedestrian walkway. Not too long, not too crowded, with a easy path alongside Liberty bay. Lots of artisans and good food in the area make for a pleasant wind down after a walk. Plus it’s safe. An area we can feel comfortable in and welcomed. Or so we thought.

After finishing our walk, Symphony and I planned to meet Jenn out front of one of downtown Poulsbo’s many shops.…


Prometheus: An Aesthetically Beautiful Spectacular Misfire

What do you say about a beautiful science fiction film filled with “scientists” who are the type of characters that Harold and Kumar would have outwitted or whose plot holes are larger than the worlds it’s trying to build? There already has been heaps of derision piled upon Ridley Scott and the ridiculousness that is Prometheus. The following two videos by How It Should’ve Ended:

YouTube Preview Image

and Red Letter

YouTube Preview Image

sum up most of my feelings about the plot pretty well. The best thing you can say about the film is that it has sparked a lot of conversation.

What I want to talk about are…


Thank Goodness for Comfort Food

I am eating homemade fried chicken for breakfast. I don’t recommend this as a habit, but indulgence is a wonderful thing. Often in the quest for that ever more amazing dish I forget there is more to food than eating at places with sommeliers. Not implying a good pairing of wine doesn’t do wonders for food, it’s just that sometimes the comfort food provides is worth more than fancy dress.

Last weekend I found myself on a comfort food quest. Three local greasy spoons in three days. A craving for pie spurred this. Chocolate pie.

You see I am one of those…

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